From the wild and misty Oregon coast speaks a powerful voice for the mystical guitar tradition, with roots extending back through the innovative works of Fahey, Kottke & Hedges. Tony Kaltenberg's mesmerizing percussive style has been highlighted on radio programs and television (WDR Germany), as well as during performances in diverse parts of the world, from large festivals like 'Northwest Folklife' in Seattle and 'The Oregon Country Fair', to intimate venues in the U.S., and in Europe, particularly Germany, where he is currently living with his family.


Although Tony sometimes shares unique renditions when he performs, he sticks mostly to originals, the reflections of his life - the people, the ocean and nature where he has lived - music from the core. They are collections of sounds, both very distinctive yet somehow familiar, full of inspiration from all of his musical gurus, from Hendrix to Segovia. As a performer, Tony dances the shapes his fingers play, grooving around the stage as he coaxes innovative textures and explosive emotions from his guitar. He slaps the wood a bit, bangs on the strings and teases us with some velvety tenor vocals. He performs standing when he needs to dance along, and sitting when he has some serious finger-picking to do.  Most importantly, we leave the concert with the music's groove having penetrated our souls.  ("I love watching him play. He gets his whole body into it. He can come back anytime and share his wonderful gift." - Sherylin Rawlins - 'Breitenbush Retreat Center', for more expressions please see this link:  rumours )

DISCOGRAPHY & Other Works:

2000 - "Spiral Waves", an exciting collection of solo guitar sounds, from sweet, warm finger-styles, to deep, percussive string slaps.

2004 - "On the Wing of the Great Spaceship", is an exploratory work, blending TK's guitar enchantment with other instruments, featuring the amazing Michael Manring on fretless bass (former Windham Hill artist) and the gifted Alex Kelly on cello.

2004 - Produced and collaborated on “Fish Of Love” CD by Jellymoon, a regional acoustic rock band featuring original music.

2004 - Co-produced & recorded album “May” by Laura Kemp.  There is an acoustic bluegrass feel to this album, featuring Steve Smith on mandolin, Sally VanMeter on dobro, Roy Brewer on fiddle, and more.

2010 - Soundtrack for "The Quantum Activist”, a wonderful documentary film on science and spirituality, featuring Dr. Amit Goswami, which has received international acclaim and film festival awards. It features some new compositions for the film, inspired by explorations of special effects in a "quantum" style true to the nature of the film and Tony's exploratory roots.

2019 - TK is currently working on his third CD, "Thread of Joy", which features ensembles including Michael Manring on bass, Jarrod Kaplan (Trillian Green, Hanuman ...) on percussion, Joe Craven (David Grisman Quintet, Jerry Garcia, Allison Brown ...) on violin, mandolin and percussion, along with other ear candy. It is a journey celebrating everything from musical calmness of breath to musical ecstasy, reflecting the enthusiasm in life. 

2019- A recording of vocal tunes will follow later in the year.