Michael Manring, Joe Craven, Laura Kemp, Jarrod Kaplan, Alex Kelly, Steve Burkle, Rusty Summy, T.R. Kelley, Eli Copeland, Ri Stewart and Renee Slade (Bluedot Productions), Ian Smith, Carsten Hormes, Wolfgang Stute, Matthias Philipzen, Matthias Brodowy
Oregon Country Fair (Veneta, OR), Sam Bonds (Eugene, OR), Northwest Folklife Festival (Seattle, WA), Da Vinci Days (Corvallis, OR), Eugene Celebration (Eugene, OR), Breitenbush Hot Springs (Detroit, OR), Espresso Garden (San Jose, CA), The Nameless (Oakland, CA), Sierra Songwriters Festival (CA), Harbin Hot Springs (Middletown, CA), Hornings Hideout (North Plains, OR), Portland Guitar Society (featured performer), Kleines Variete (Speyer, Ger), Alte Stellmacherei (Braunschweig, Ger), Club Passage (Dresden, Ger), Rationaltheater (München, Ger), Deelenhaus (Paderborn, Ger), Newport Jazz Festival (Newport, OR)
TK is very thankful to be endorsed by the company which makes his all-time favorite strings. "They're simply the best!"
TK is thankful to be endorsed by the company which makes the amazing K&K pickups. "I still don't know how Dieter does it!"
TK is thoroughly pleased to be an explorer of sounds using TC Electronic's G-System. He is one of the few players using it for acoustic guitar (the only one he knows of, although there are sure to be a few more out there) and feels that it is ideal in that it doesn't compromise the purity of the acoustic guitar sound, is super clean, super full sounding, and allows for very subtle yet profound use of effects as well as more obvious splashes of spice. TK recommends this unit for anyone wishing to explore new dimensions without giving up purity of sound.
"I'm finally content. I've found the nicest guitar I've ever played. It is made by Kevin Muiderman, a luthier with very sharp ears, craftsmanship, consistency, and innovative approaches. He's also a great guy and I owe Kevin much gratitude for making my ears and fingers so happy. Every Muiderman guitar I've touched is full of sustain, life, and balance from low to high strings ... have you ever heard a steelstring as full sounding as a classical?  His guitars have influenced my playing for the better!"
PRODUCED 'Jellymoon's' CD 'Fish of Love' (2004)
CO-PRODUCED Laura Kemp's CD 'May' (2004)
Music FEATURED on Archos Audio Player (2004 / 2005 / 2006)
CO-PRODUCED Soundtrack for "Quantum Activist" (2010)